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Yeah! isn’t it exciting? Many people grow the dream of becoming an astronaut from childhood but after knowing how hard it is and due to the lack of opportunities they give up this dream eventually. But to fulfill few people’s dreams a start-up has initiated some plan to take the cremated remains to space. Wow! that awesome and heart throbbing that some remains being taken to space.

A San Francisco-based startup is planning to send the cremated remains of a 100 people into space, in a unique celestial memorial. Elysium Space said families paid about $2,500 to have a sample of their loved ones’ ashes placed on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which will be launched into space. The remains, according to Fox News, are expected to be launched into space on December 3.

James Eberling who was 36 years old died in November 2016 and he had only one last wish. His last wish was that he wanted his remains to be sent into space. The good news is that Eberling’s dream is about to be fulfilled. Cremated remains of James Eberling along with 100 others are going to be launched into space this Monday. They will be carried in a memorial satellite made by the Elysium Space.

SpaceX launches cremated remains into space

The cost of taking the remains to space is $2500. they will be placing the remains in the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Traveling into space will be the remains of military veterans and aerospace enthusiasts, alongside those whose families were “looking to celebrate a loved one within the poetry of the starry sky,” Elysium Space said in an emailed statement.

According to the company’s website, the ashes are first placed in an engraved capsule. “After you ship the capsule back to us we will carefully and respectfully place your capsule in a dedicated spacecraft module,” they write.

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A cubesat which is 4-inch square satellite will be carrying the ashes of 100 people. Another amazing thing is that the family members of the person whose ashes are travelling to space will be able to track the satellite’s progress through an app which they can install on their phones. A message can also go along with the cremated remains of the loved ones. It will orbit the earth for around four years before it falls back to Earth.
Twitter account of Elysium Space says “Announcing confirmed launch for our memorial CubeSat “Star II Mission” with @SpaceflightInc! “ 
The launch is part of a “rideshare mission” organized by Spaceflight. The company said it purchased the rocket to accommodate clients, which range from schools to commercial businesses to government entities and international organizations. Sixty-four small satellites from 34 different organizations will be aboard, Spaceflight said.
About Eberling
His mother tells that her son was a space enthusiast and also a vivid photographer. He was so passionate about rockets and went to Vanderberg Air Force Base which is in California to take the picture of the launches.

At the time of his death, James’ family was only aware of missions carrying peoples’ remains into space after being launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, Beverly said in a phone interview with CNN from Lompoc, California.
The family knew about this and after the Eberling died, they decided to make his last wish get fulfilled.
A sample of James’ ashes were put in a small capsule engraved with his initials, JME. What message then the family of Eberling wrote for their son.

The Eberlings will send a message with him, that reads, “James, you were a grounded Eagle on Earth — may you now soar thru the Heavens.”
“We’re overjoyed to be able to grant him his final wish. and it means a lot to my husband and myself that we’re able to do this for him,” Beverly said. “And I think that James is very, very happy to finally see that this is going to finally take place.”
Once they got the news that the mission is not happening then they get nervous but suddenly they got the news that Launch dates has been set for November 19, 2018.
“We’re overjoyed to be able to grant him his final wish. and it means a lot to my husband and myself that we’re able to do this for him,” Beverly said. “And I think that James is very, very happy to finally see that this is going to finally take place.”

More about Space burial

According to Wikipedia

Space burial refers to the blasting of cremated remains into outer space. Missions may go into orbit around the Earth, to other planetary bodies (such as the Moon), or into deep space.

The cremated remains are not actually scattered in space, and thus do not contribute to space debris. Instead, the ashes remain sealed inside their spacecraft until the spacecraft either: re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere and burns up upon re-entry (Earth orbit missions); reaches its final, extraterrestrial destination (e.g. the Moon); or escapes the solar system (deep space missions). To a lesser extent, suborbital flights provide the opportunity to briefly fly ashes into space and return them back to Earth for recovery. Only a sample of remains is launched so as to make the service affordable.

The first space burial occurred in 1992 when the NASA space shuttle Columbia(mission STS-52) carried a portion of Gene Roddenberry’s cremated remains into space and returned them to Earth. 
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