SpaceX postponed the launch of NASA’s TESS spacecraft which was scheduled for taking off on Monday. The launch has been delayed to check the navigation systems of the Falcon 9 rocket. The new launch date for the TESS is now due after 48 hours which will be take place from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

SpaceX representative wrote on the Twitter that “ Standing down today to conduct additional GNC analysis, and teams are now working towards a targeted launch of @NASA_TESS on Wednesday, April 18. TESS is a $337 million satellite, which aims to search for the extraterrestrial life by scanning the exoplanets that are near us.

The Launch team of the TESS is standing down in order to run a test involving the guidance navigation system and control analysis of the rocket. The postponement of the launch was announced just before two hours after the launch.

The main aim of the TESS is to hunt the alien planets that are believed to be circling close to the sun. The mission also said to discover about 200,000 exoplanets in the space within a time period of two years. The discoveries which will be done by this spacecraft will then be studied in the future, to determine the signs of habitability.

According to NASA, TESS will be scanning more than 50 Earth-like sized planets and about 500 planets which are less than twice of the size of the planet Earth. TESS will replace the NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, which has discovered 2,650 alien worlds till now. Kepler mission will end after a few months as the spacecraft will be running out of fuel.

The size of the TESS is like a small washing machine which is built to search the nearest, brightest stars for the signs life.


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