SpaceX has been showing tremendous growth over the past years as it has become one of the leading private organizations when it comes to space projects. Elon Musk who is the current CEO and founder of SpaceX has set an example of a self-made entrepreneur. SpaceX is working hard on their projects and has also performed some successful mission as they recently launched 60 Starlink Satellites in the orbit of our planet which will provide internet at a low cost.

Image Source: SpaceX

Before Starlink, SpaceX launched a spacecraft named Crew Dragon which even completed its first mission to International Space Station as it carried supplies and equipment to the ISS and returned back to earth. Due to some complication, Crew Dragon was sabotaged. The spacecraft was brutally destroyed due to some glitch during the tests. The company experienced a big loss and they have not opened up about the incident. The main mission of the craft was to take humans to the ISS. The company is taking its time to explore and study the cause of explosion in debt and SpaceX has not made any statement regarding the crash yet. As per the reports by SpaceNews, there are some details which they gathered from the presentation presented at the NASA Advisory Council.

The main reason for the glitch that may have occurred is not out yet as it is being called “an anomaly,” but on the other hand, Kathy Lueders from NASA offered some information regarding the unfortunate events. He said, “I will tell you that the team did a great job. The team followed the mishap plan beautifully. All the notifications were made. The SpaceX folks did a tremendous job.” The team was testing the thrusters of the spacecraft Demo-1 as it also included the emergency thrusters which later were destroyed due to the explosion. Both NASA and SpaceX’s teams are working on the investigation of the mishappening.


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