The nightmare of all time is bedbugs. Tiny, ugly, dangerous, and a slowly life taking insect which was around since the time of dinosaurs. Yes, you read it right, the well-known bedbugs have been there since the dino age as per the new study in Current Biology. Till now scientists knew that the bedbugs were as old as the bats that are just 60 million years ago as bats were known as the first food source for the bedbugs but now that study has been proved wrong. The new DNA samples from more than 35 species of bedbugs, it is revealed that the bedbugs were there since the dino era which was about 115 million years ago.

Image Source: Dreamstime, TNS

Now the question arises that on what the bedbugs use to feed on like this not possible that they may have fed on dinosaurs because according to a news release, dinosaurs never preferred to live in the area where the bedbugs were found. So where the bedbugs must have been feeding at that era? As per Mike Siva-Jothy from the University of Sheffield, “These findings will help us better understand how bedbugs evolved the traits that make them effective pests. That will also help us find new ways of controlling them.

The different species of bedbugs start feeding on the animal hosts but it is possible for them to turn on to the human blood.” Another researcher who has been researching the origin of the bedbugs said, A new species of bedbug conquers humans about every half a million years.” To know more about the bedbugs, a research team spent 15 years and collected different species of bedbugs from all around the world and compared the DNA of the collected bedbugs from the old ones to see the difference between the species who use to feed on other things and the species today feeding on human skin or animals.


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