Elon Musk is one person who can be replicated to the character Iron Man. Though he doesn’t fly in a suit, he is intelligent, billionaire, and indeed a multitasker and not to forget that he owns SpaceX and Tesla. Elon has been working hard for SpaceX as he has been making spacecraft and sending them to the International Space Station whereas he also launched his new project in the sky which goes with the name Starlink Satellite. SpaceX launched 60 of their Starlink Satellites in the orbit of our planet which will serve as the internet providing satellite without any interruption of dishes and here comes the interesting part, the internet will be provided at a low cost.


SpaceX is not done yet as the 60 satellites are just in a testing phase. SpaceX vision is to send 12,000 satellites up there. Where everyone praised the new project, there were some questions and disappointments too. The astrologers and the scientists who have to perform different researches in the space are raising questions and showing their concerns regarding their researchers. The Starlink Satellites are just 500 km away in the orbit and due to the less height of the satellites, it is getting hard for the researchers to use their satellites to study the objects which are light years in the deep space.

The atmosphere is just 470 km thick and most of the satellites are up to 36,000 km away from our planet. According to the astronomers, the closeness of the satellites is trapping a lot of sunlight due to which we can lose the night sky which will make it difficult for the astronomers to study the sky at night. There will be a time soon when nobody will be able to see the stars in the sky and even from the telescopes. The scientists will not be able to study the planets as well.


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