SpaceX, Crew Dragon, Elon Musk, International Space Station
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The tragedy that happened last weekend with Crew Dragon Spacecraft raised a lot of questions on the craft as well as the company. SpaceX is still on the verge of analysis and collection of the data regarding the failure of the mission. They are using all of their data collected by the high-speed images and the hardware which is recovered by the craft. The spacecraft which failed the test was known as Demo 1 vehicle which even made it to the International Space Station in March.

SpaceX, Crew Dragon, Elon Musk, International Space Station
Image Source: CBS News

Now, SpaceX is collecting all the data and analyzing it to recover the glitch and send the next spacecraft with the crew on ISS this summer and it will be called SpaceX- Demo 2. The main motive is to send astronauts to the International Space Station and bring them back to Earth with safety. But the mission has been paused for now after the mishappening with SpaceX- Demo 1 spacecraft as the engine catches fire out while landing at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Nasa’s spokesperson conveyed via email, “the agency has full insight into the results of the mishap investigation, which is reviewing all of the data collected during the test, including high-speed imagery and detailed spacecraft telemetry data and will include analysis of the recovered hardware from the test. We have full confidence in the SpaceX and NASA team working the investigation to determine the cause of the mishap and design updates should they be required, We don’t yet know what impact this will have our target schedules.”

The investigation behind the failure of SpaceX- Demo 1 is going to take time as per the briefing during the meeting of NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, Patricia Sanders, the ASAP chair said, “Early efforts are focused on site saving, data collection and reduction and development of the anomaly timeline, The investigation will take time before the root cause analysis is completed and will determine the impact to the Demo 2 and the in-flight abort test.”

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