The full blue moon will take place on the evening of May 18. This really doesn’t mean that the moon will look blue in color. Instead, it is used for demonstrating a rare event from the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”. This full moon is symbolizing as full blue moon because a blue moon occurs once in every two and a half years. So, it will be your last chance to see one for over two years! Although the moon is tinted towards blue appear in the sky which is caused either by dust or smoke in the atmosphere.

Image Source: Nasa

Generally, there are 12 full moons in a year with the exception of having 13 which referred to as the full blue moon. A full moon occurs when the moon is located exactly opposite to the earth with its face fully illuminating. It’s the time when the earth is between the sun and the moon. The full blue moon can either be seen as a full night event.

NASA explained: “A blue moon is special because it is the ‘extra’ Moon in a season with four full moons. This usually only happens every two-and-a-half years.”
So if you miss this time, there would be no chance of seeing it till next year. The next full blue moon is expected to be seen on Halloweens 2020. Getting two blue moons a year is rare, but individual blue moons can be seen every few years. The blue moon basically refers to the third moon of the season with four full moons. One of the most memorable and noticeable full moon was in October 2008 when the moon was so closer to the earth than it had been since the last 15 years which was referred to as the ‘supermoon’.

How exciting it is going to be, to watch the beautiful blue moon and saying that phrase, “Once in a Blue Moon”.


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