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Set for life is the lottery in Australia which is very fascinating for the younger population. It is different from other lotteries which occur in Australia. It is one of the kind and started in Australia back in 2015.

Set for Life Results of 02 December 2018, check winning numbers

18 12 35 27 22 34 1 17 Bonus- 33 19

See if you get lucky today or not? Wish you luck.

Prize Money of Set for Life

Level Prize Prize Pool Winners
1st $20,000 a month for 20 years* 0
2nd $5,315.05 $5,315.05 1
3rd $1,275.35 $5,101.40 4
4th $119.60 $5,501.60 46
5th $30.95 $9,594.50 310
6th $22.75 $26,503.75 1165
7th $14.65 $73,469.75 5015
8th $10.85 $141,928.85 13081


Tatts Chief Executive Robbie Cook told the Sydney Morning Herald at the time that “it’s everyday dreaming. It’s not somebody looking to stop working and hang up their shoes.” He also told the publication that the game was specifically aimed at, and designed for, a younger audience, primarily those aged between 20 and 40. The game was based on similar lotteries outside of Australia, such as Cash4Life in the US.

How to play Set for life

To play Set for life you have to pick a set of eight numbers which are in range of one to thirty-seven.

This set will then be entered into the next seven days draws and you must play a minimum of two sets to participate.

Two bonus numbers are drawn after the main eight numbers, giving ten numbers drawn in total. These numbers are used to determine other prizes. To win the jackpot, you must match all eight regular numbers

Set for Life is different as this makes a person settled as the top prize is not paid in the lump-sum value but in a fixed sum of $20,000 AUD per month for 20 years and a person doesn’t need to work then and can feel settled.

If the lottery has four people who win the lottery then the total prize money will be split up in every winner.



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