According to the new data by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, the lightning on Jupiter is as identical to Earth’s lightning. Juno spacecraft shared some amazing pictures which disclosed some amusing data that the whole mankind has ever experienced, and on the other hand, it also disclosed some major information through which scientists got to know a lot about the planet. The data proved that the storm is way deeper than is assumed. In a new study published in the journal Nature Astronomy, it was revealed by the scientists that the magnetic field of the planet Jupiter is totally different from the last data collected last time and the changes are very extraordinary.

This shows that the magnetic field of Jupiter is changing gradually and is very identical to the Earth’s magnetic field. While studying the new data, NASA compared the new data with the data collected from Voyage and Pioneer spacecraft when they were sent on the mission, it showed a lot of difference from the data collected previously. The main difference between the data was the magnetic field which differed from the last time and that which exists today.

Juno scientist Kimme Moore shared in a statement, “Finding something as minute as these changes in something so immense as Jupiter’s magnetic field was a challenge. Having a baseline of close-up observations over four decades long provided us with just enough data to confirm that Jupiter’s magnetic field does indeed change over time.” The process behind the changes which are being experienced by the planet Jupiter is known as secular variation and to be more specific, this process also takes place on our Earth. The reason that scientists think is happening the changes is taking place on Jupiter ar the high-pressure winds and the cloud tops which are working as the mechanism.


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