NASA is planning to send humans on the Moon again as per the orders passed by Donald Trump. NASA is experiencing the budget and is taking help of other private organizations for developing tech for their next mission to the Moon. Surprisingly NASA is taking India’s support for designing the 21st century’s first US lunar lander. NASA is hiring private organizations for their projects and they are ready to spend over $250 million on the production of the equipment that they want to send on the lunar and for other scientific researches.

NASA’s main motive is to gather as much information as they can from the Moon so that they can study the nature of the lunar and pilot techs landing robotic explorers. NASA has associated with three of the companies for initiating their respective missions and the companies are Astrobotic, Intuitive Machines, and Orbit Beyond for the mission which is going come in action in 2021. NASA has asked these companies to submit their projects by 2020 so that NASA can test the tech and approve them to send to the mission. TeamIndus is the company which has been given the responsibility to design the rover that will be landed on the Moon in the future.

Talking about the Orbit Beyond, it is one of the unique companies which took part among nine other companies in NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program in that it is a mutual arrangement among them and NASA. India, on the other hand, is planning to send their own rover to the Moon and they have named it Chandrayaan-2, India is planning to send their rover in July 2019. Steve Altimus, the CEO of Intuitive Machines, said on May 31. There aren’t nine lunar lander capable teams in the United States. The workforce and the skill mix of our teams are very critical in building the right talent
to build the right lander.”


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