The self-declared nation named Asgardia has now officially left Earth and is now drifting towards the International Space Station (ISS) which is considered as its destination. On Sunday, an Orbital ATK Antares rocket blasted off from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia carrying a CubeSat named Asgardia-1. The milk cartoon sized satellite makes up a complete territory of the self-proclaimed “Space kingdom” of Asgardia.

Actually, the launch was scheduled to take place on Saturday, but due to some reasons, it was postponed to the next day. An online statement read that Asgardia space kingdom has now established its sovereign territory in space. In its tweeter account, Asgardia Space posted that the Asgardia-1 has been launched successfully and Asgardia has now become the first nation to all of its territory in space. During the last one and half year, more than 300,000 people signed up online to become citizens of the nation in space. The main privilege of citizenship so far involves the right to upload data to Asgardia-1 for keeping it safe in orbit. In this way, people can have their own privacy far away from the gruesome governments and laws of earth-based countries.

But when the terms and conditions of Asgardia are studied thoroughly, it revealed that those privileges are still subject to earthly copyright laws which mean these are made under the laws of Austria. But as of now, the statehood of Asgardia has not been acknowledged by any other actual countries or the United Nations. Also, as it not possible for a human to physically live in Asgardia, therefore it cannot be completely defined as a nation. But still, its a great step towards orbitary missions and space colonization although it is an unmanned space nation. If people cannot remain in Asgardia physically still their names and data can go to space and remain safely in the space nation.

The long-term prospects of Asgardia include human settlement in space, on the moon and might be on Mars as well. But presently, Asgardia can be defined as a tiny satellite fitted inside a Cygnus spacecraft set to dock with the ISS Tuesday morning. Asgardia-1 is the secondary mission of Orbital ATK. Its primary mission is to supply cargo to ISS through its Cygnus spaceship. So, after a month the Cygnus will detach and climb to a higher altitude to deploy the nation in space into the orbit. Let us see how Asgardia-1 helps to begin a new era of extra-planetary citizenship.


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