As we all know that SpaceX is one of the biggest space organizations in the world. SpaceX has achieved a lot in the past couple of year and Elon Musk has worked hard for this achievement along with his team. SpaceX associating with NASA was the biggest step ever for the company as with NASA they were able to reach the outer space. SpaceX recently launched Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. The main motive of the craft was to carry supplies and essential equipment. Crew Dragon recently came back to the Earth after staying one month on the ISS.

Crew Drago capsule fell into the Pacific Ocean and was carried away the company later. The next step that SpaceX is willing to take is sending astronauts to ISS in Crew Dragon rover. After a lot of testing and researches, SpaceX is now ready to send astronauts and NASA has shortlisted the people who are going to travel in the Crew Dragon rover. Mike Hopkins, 50, and Victor Glover, 43, these two veterans are appointed for the launch of the spacecraft with two other members who belong from other countries.

When the Crew Dragon was launched for the first time Bob Behnken, 48, and Doug Hurley, 52 were two shuttle veterans who were there at the time of launch of the Crew Dragon capsule to International Space Station. As SpaceX has suffered some failures during the test of the Demo-1 craft thrusters, the launch has been scheduled in 2020. The craft was all destroyed during the test as the emergency thrusters got failed due to the complications as SpaceX and NASA are investigating the matter. In an interview which was conducted at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Hurley conveyed, “People to a degree think it’s pretty glamorous to be able to go into space, but it’s actually like a messy camping trip.”


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