China is again planning something great. It is said that according to the new project if everything goes right then China can bring Solar Power from Outer Space. Sun is the main source of energy, as we read in our textbooks. We are using solar power here on the Earth also so what is new in bringing the solar power here again? Researchers are saying that we are using solar power but we can get closer to the source also in order to get more energy.

In the Australian Newspaper, Sydney Morning Herald we read an article in China’s Science and technology daily that Chinese researchers are working to send the solar power station to outer space. Here on the earth solar energy is not that prominent source of energy as various factors interfere with the sunlight like weather or season. But researchers are now working to overcome these factors as when the solar power station will be near to the sun then these environmental factors will not interrupt to make energy.

No matter day or night, it will generate energy without stopping. These solar power station will orbit the earth at 36,000 kilometers and it will be launched somewhere around 2021-2025. China is always ahead in technology and research and after the launch of this project, it will surely become the first country to generate power from space. “This satellite would be able to provide solar energy to the earth 99 percent of the time, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. So, how the heck do the scientists plan to get the energy from the solar panels in outer space down to planet earth?” as said by Pang Zhihao of China Academy of Space Technology Corporation.

The energy will be transferred from the space by using laser or microwave. Reports are telling that China is not the first one to come up with this idea as the U.S. Department tells that scientists had this idea a long time ago to use this solar power of space to generate energy on Earth. Several other attempts are also reported to use solar power efficiently. A NASA physicist back n 2008 tried to use the solar energy from the mountain Maui as it is closer to the sun and it will capture more energy. After capturing the power, he sent it to Hawaii which is 92 miles away from the destination.

He was able to send a less amount of energy then of about 20 watts which are only able to light up a small bulb. The earth can shift from non-renewable sources of energy to the renewable ones soon if everything gets right.


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