Crew Dragon, International Space Station, NASA
Image Source: Penske Media Corporation

SpaceX has been doing amazing with their projects whether it is sending a spacecraft to the ISS or launching satellites to the low orbit of the Earth. SpaceX has been working with NASA since a long time now as SpaceX has been sending their spacecraft with supplies of NASA to the International Space Station. The company owned by Elon Musk is doing researches and studying deeply to make their techs more persistent. No one is perfect in this world and SpaceX has also faced some major failures in the past. Talking about the recent fails which occurred was the test of the craft Demo-1, the craft was set on fire and was crashed during the test of its emergency thrusters.

Crew Dragon, International Space Station, NASA
Image Source: NASA/Handout via Reuters

SpaceX recently completed its 17th supply mission in association with NASA. The Crew Dragon spacecraft was sent this on the resupply mission as it took 5,500 pounds of supplies to the ISS and returned safely to its home. According to SpaceX, everything went according to the plan as the craft feel down in the Pacific Ocean in the afternoon on Monday. The capsule detached from the International Space Station and tumbled back to the Earth as planned. Space conveyed the news on Twitter as it said that everything went as planned and the parachute of the spacecraft was deployed on time and the spacecraft had a “good splashdown” in the ocean.

SpaceX sent its new Crew Dragon spacecraft for the resupply mission this time after studying the facts deeply. Now that SpaceX is done with resupply mission, the next step that SpaceX is willing to take is delivering astronauts to the ISS. SpaceX was even appreciated for their success at a meeting of a NASA Advisory Council committee, the committee conveyed that SpaceX has done ‘a great job’ so far but the investigation is still in the process regarding the mishappening that occurred during the test of the Demo-1 spacecraft.