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Image Source: NASA / ROSCOSMOS

NASA is going through some major budget crisis this year and the orders to reach the moon again by 2024 is eating everyone at NASA. Now that NASA has to complete the mission, they are opening their gates to the common people who are willing to go to the International Space Station. NASA has decided that they will be opening the doors of International Space Station for the people who are willing to see the space and also for the private business organizations. NASA will be starting the business from the next year.

Their customers will get a chance to meet other astronauts and will also get to know the work astronauts do up there. Not only work but the people who will be paying a visit to the ISS will be able to see the technology and they are allowing to use the location for filming, celebrating birthday parties which will be the most expensive birthday party in the entire world. A 30-day mission can cost up to $50 million and NASA will be sending only two private missions in a year. The earning from the tourist visits will make things easy for NASA in completing the order of reaching the moon by President Trump.

NASA has appointed two private companies whose spacecraft will be taking the tourists and they are Boeing and SpaceX. Astronaut Christina Koch says, “Enabling a vibrant economy in low-earth orbit has always been a driving element of the space-station program. privatized NASA will make space more accessible to all Americans.” NASA has also said that the astronauts from private organizations like SpaceX will be able to travel space along with the help of NASA. Due to the budget cuts by the government forced special assistant Mark Sirangelo to resign from his position as the Congress denied for funding the project to the Moon.


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