The universe is full of galaxies and our eye cannot see all of them. The Hubble telescope discovered a beautiful galaxy cluster and the cluster is named as SDSS J0146-0929. This is the collection of the hundreds of galaxies which are shackled together in a tight grip of gravity. When the Hubble Space Telescope clicks the mass of the galaxy, it is very large and it can severely distort the space-time around it which create an odd, looping curve which is almost encircling the center of the cluster.

The center of the cluster is called gravitational lensing and is known as “Einstein ring.” This ring is created from the light which comes from the distant objects like galaxies which get pass by an extremely large mass like galaxy cluster. When this light passes an extremely dense object with powerful gravitational pull then the object can disrupt the path of the light it takes to reach its destination. This prevents the light from moving in a straight line. This is called gravitational lensing and this is the basic concept of the phenomenon.

When this phenomenon happens then it is observed to outside that galaxy is in several places at once and the edge of the Einstein ring reveals several stretches out copies of a single galaxy. But in reality, the galaxy is not present in several places but it is the distorted light which makes us see several galaxies.

The gravitational lensing is seen before many times and this is one of the less imposing instances. The other Einstein ring which is intimidating is the vaguely resembles the Eye of Sauron from Lord of rings. The Hubble Space Telescope helps us to discover a beautiful galactic optical illusion phenomenon which is like God-like fantasy supervillain.


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