Japan launched its first commercially developed rocket and launched it to the outer space but, didn’t make it to the orbit of Earth. The rocket was launched on Tuesday. The MOMO-3 rocket is developed under the supervision of a Japanese aerospace company who have just started up their company and the investor who funded the project is a former internet king.

The company goes with the name Interstellar Technology Inc. The rocket was launched in the altitude to the 100 kilometers before it fell into the Pacific Ocean. The rocket was launched from the test site of the company which is situated in the Taki which is a town falls in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido and flew for just 10 minutes.

Interstellar Technologies CEO Takahiro Inagawa from Hokkaido conveyed in a news conference, “We proved that our rocket developed with a lot of commercially available parts is capable of reaching the space.” The rocket weighs around 1 ton and is 50 centimetres in diameter and 10 meters long and it can carry up to 20 kilograms but there is still a lot of work to be done for sending it to the orbit. The aim of the founder of the company is to manufacture commercial rockets within low cost to carry satellites into space.

The company was founded by a self entrepreneur Takafumi Horie who was the Co. President of Livedoor and the company was founded in 2013. He conveyed, “I’m hoping that many manufacturers and satellite makers will come here to join us.” Horie also conveyed, “It was a complete success. We’ll work to achieve stable launches and mass-produce (rockets) in quick cycles.” The rocket was launched on Tuesday at 5 a.m. but due to some malfunction, the launch was delayed in the last minute and after 45 minutes the rocket was launched at exact 5:45 a.m. and thousands of people gathered at the launch spot to watch the rocket launch show.


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