When it comes to space, the first name that comes up in our minds is NASA. NASA is planning to build a new space station which they have named the Lunar Gateway. The Lunar Gateway is going to be a space station on which they will be sending Astronauts to conduct various studies and researches. In order to develop such a big project, NASA approached some private organizations which will help NASA to build up the Lunar Gateway as it goes with the name, this space station will we be situated near the moon.

NASA has delivered the project in the hands of Maxar Technologies as in association with this commercial organization NASA is going to build the next space station. As per NASA’s Administrator Jim Bridenstine, Maxar Technologies is going to develop the first new component of the Lunae Gateway and those components are going to be the power and propulsion elements and their respective functions are going to be to provide electricity to the Gateway and help it to travel around. NASA’s plan is to send humans to the Lunar by 2024 as per the orders of Donald Trump and to execute the idea, the Lunar Gateway is being built through which the astronauts will be sent to the moon.

The plan is to send humans to the Gateway station first and then they’ll complete their respective journey to the moon by traveling from the space station to the moon. Bridenstine has presented the idea of the Gateway as a “Command Module” as he said during the announcement, “This time when we go to the Moon, we’re actually going to stay.” The positioning of the Gateway will be in such a manner that it will be balanced between the gravity of Earth and the moon. Talking about the landing on the moon, the astronauts will have to hop into the pre-positioned landers which will take them to the Lunar surface for the Gateway.


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