Imagine your name on a rover, like just imagine your name embedded on a spaceship or on some celestial body. Yes, you read it right as NASA is giving you an opportunity to have your name shipped on a celestial body. NASA has decided to decide to punch up your name in the rover that will be traveling to the red planet in 2020. NASA is sending a rover to Mars and its mission is going to find out that was the presence of the aliens ever on Mars.

NASA is sending a robot which is going to equipped with some relevant tools through which a study will be conducted to find out the mystery behind the question that has been there for a long long time. The rover’s mission is going to be collecting the samples of the Martian dirt and it’ll be leaving that dirt on the ground so that another spacecraft can pick that dirt sample and carry it back to Earth in future.

The condition is to send your name to NASA by September 30 and there is a big possibility that NASA may put your name on a silicon chip with an electron beam which will be carried away by the rover which is being designed by the engineers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory and if you think you’ll be famous after that, than yes maybe but for your information, the name is going to be as small as one-thousandth the width of a human hair. So, it’s good for nothing but that’s a lot because you are going to that one in those millions of names that are going to be written on the chip. NASA has done things like this before when they launched the InSight lander back in 2018 and once when they sent the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to the asteroid Bennu.


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