NASA has been the most reliable source as it is the organization which contributes to space and has done a lot of new discoveries. In collaboration with private organizations like SpaceX and Boeing, NASA has completed a lot of space mission. NASA has been sending a lot of supplies to the International Space Station with the help of SpaceX. The next mission which NASA is going to execute with SpaceX is the departure of the Deep Space Atomic Clock into the low orbit of the Earth for enhancing the defense system.

With the help of SpaceX’s Falcon High-Capacity rocket, NASA is going to send their made Atomic Clock along with other 20 satellites to perform the Department of Defense’s Space Test Program-2. The Falcon spacecraft will not go along with the satellites but it is also going to take other equipment too including the Green Propellant Infusion Mission and two payloads that will serve scientific missions. NASA gave the details about their mission in a press conference before the launch and the launch is scheduled on June 24. The purpose of sending the Atomic Clock up in the low orbit to get detailed information about the magnitude accuracy and persistence and will later be compared with the atomic clock which is present on the surface.

The Deep Space Atomic Clock will also help in the deep space mission as it will be able to guide the crewed mission while traveling to the Moon and Mars as it will improve the outer space navigation. Jill Seubert, Deep Space Navigator for NASA said that the Deep Space Atomic Clock is one of its kind as it based the world’s first ion-based atomic space clock. He late said, “It’s about 50 times more stable than the GPS atomic clocks we use.” He also explained that the navigators which are present on the spacecraft are not much reliable and that is the reason why they have to perform navigation from Earth.


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