black hole. LIGO and VIRGO, Universe, Stars
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Profound space physicists LIGO and Virgo have found something in space which seems to be impossible. Yes, its s black hole whose physical details didn’t meets the basic parameters of a black hole. The LIGO and Virgo gravitational-wave detector at the European Gravitational Observatory has detected an enormous black hole which shouldn’t even exist, due to its physical appearance although they aren’t sure if it does.

The collective mass of the black hole is 100 times greater than the Sun while a collective mass of a black hole as per the scientist is larger than 50-130 times the mass of the Sun.

Professor Stan Woosley, an astrophysicist at the University of California, told Quanta Magazine that “the prediction is no black hole, not even a few”, in this mass range. He added, “but of course, we know nature often finds a way.”

First, let’s understand how a black hole forms, then we’ll go parallel with the current study we have for the black hole and how it is challenging the newly detected black hole.

A black hole is formed when a star collapses when it goes out of the resources or fuel, but this only happens when the star’s core is less than 50 times the mass of the Sun. And stars with larger masses like between 50-130 times the mass of the Sun, either shed matter until they are small enough, or they would destroy themselves with an explosion leaving residue behind. But the newly discovered black hole masses around 100 times the mass of the Sun which seems to be impossible.

This is also true that black holes with solar masses of 130 can also be formed when their core collapse is too strong to stop. And a remarkable example of this kind of black hole is M87* which was 6.5 billion massive as the Sun.

Scientists are running behind the logic of this illogical existence of a black hole with a Solar mass of 100. They suspected that the existence of this black hole could be a reason of collision and merging of small black holes into a gigantic one. They added this could be possible that somewhere in the dense universe, a 30 and a 50 solar mass black hole merged and created this black hole.

Some scientist also believes that the size of the black hole detected by Ligo and Virgo would be 50 solar masses or lower. Because of the scientist behind this discovery are unable to clarify the collision or merging of little black holes behind this.

The Ligo and Virgo have refused to reveal more of this black hole as of now. But the detailed study or report is yet to be confirmed the scientists which is expected to come in Spring 2020.


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