The International Astronomical Union officially announced the names of the features on Pluto’s moon Charon. The Charon which was discovered in 1978, was not seen clearly until the New Horizons spacecraft reach it during the year 2015.

New Horizons when to reach the celestial bodies such as Pluto and Charon, it gives a glimpse of these objects and projected a better picture of the same. The photographs that New Horizons send back to earth shows the crater, mountain and other features on Charon.  The Pluto’s four moons are so small that New Horizon captured it as pixelated blobs. Charon is different from them and it is one of the largest bodies among the icy worlds of the Kuiper Belt and it is the second largest body that scientists have got a detailed look.

Charon is the most distant object and it is one of the largest satellite in size which revolves around a planet. The size of Charon is about half the size of Pluto and is about 1,213 Km. When scientists discovered the Charon, they found that Charon has features like mountains, canyons, and multi-colored surface. The first image of Charon was taken on July 14 and it reaches the Earth on September 21. They also found that the southern portion of the canyon found on Charon have few big craters than the northern region.

The craters that are found on Charon have got their names from the literature and legend. The names include Nemo of the Jules Verne tale, Prix who was featured in the writing of Stanislaw Lem and Dorothy of the Wizard OF Oz. The craters also got the name from folktales like Nasreddin Crater from the Arab world, Sadko Carter from a Russian epic and Revati Crater from the Hindu Mahabharata.


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