It was the birthday of the legend who served their time at space. International Space Station is the coolest place we have got in the space and two of the astronauts hoped out of the station to wish the legend, Alexey Leonov who was the first man to walk in the space. Two of the Russian astronauts came out in their space suits and sent birthday greetings to the legend. Cosmonauts Expedition 59 commander Oleg Kononenko and crewmate Alexey Ovchinin came out in the space to perform the maintenance work in the ISS as ISS is just another machine and a machine can never be 100 percent ideal.

It was the fifth spacewalk for commander Oleg Kononenko and it was the first ever spacewalk of the cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin. The airlock compartment was opened at 11:42 a.m. and this was the fourth spacewalk of the year 2019 of ISS. The space agency of Russia Roscosmos shared the images of the spacewalk on their web page and dedicated a post to Leonov, as it said, “the man who first took a step into the unknown and found himself one-on-one with unlimited outer space.” The cosmonauts performed the maintenance work at the first place and after completing their respective works they sent their greeting cards in the open space.

They were carrying their greeting cards in their bag packs which were attached with their space suits. One of the cards said, “Leonov No. 1” and the other “Happy Birthday, Alexey Arkhipovich”. Leonov was the first astronaut to float in the space back in 1965 on date 18 of the month of March. He was in the spacecraft named Voskhod 2. Leonov floated in the space for 12 minutes outside his pod. He had to return to his pod as his suit got ballooned up which made it almost impossible for him to stay out in the space.


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