The first ever images of the black hole were out for the world in the previous month and the images were shocking to see how mesmerizing yet scary a black hole is. Scientists recently have come up with some new detailed images of the black hole and now, they are working to generate even more sharp images. The details and research were published recently in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics in which it is mentioned how the deployment of more than two coordinated orbital radio telescopes will be performed.

The researchers have developed a model to enhance the image generation abilities of the telescopes that they are using to capture the image of the telescopes. Freek Roelofs, a Ph.D. candidate at Radboud University in the Netherlands conveyed in an interview, “There are lots of advantages to using satellites instead of permanent radio telescopes on Earth, as with the Event Horizon Telescope, In space, you can make observations at higher radio frequencies, because the frequencies from Earth are filtered out by the atmosphere.” He continued, “The distances between the telescopes in space are also larger, This allows us to take a big step forward. We would be able to take images with a resolution more than five times what is possible with the EHT.”

ETH is a technology which was used to capture the first ever image of the black hole but unfortunately, the images were not clear enough to study more about the black hole and to test Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. Volodymyr Kudriashov, a researcher at the Radboud Radio Lab conveyed, “The concept demands that you must be able to ascertain the position and speed of the satellites very accurately, But we really believe that the project is feasible.” The expectations were to combine the EHI and EHT telescopes but according to Heino Falcke, a professor of radio astronomy at Radboud, “Using a hybrid like this could provide the possibility of creating moving images of a black hole, and you might be able to observe even more and also weaker sources.”




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