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It is amazing to know that Astronaut Stanley Love went to space without any prior training and he is going to have the session with local students at Camino College on the Onizuka Space Science Day. This event is going to be free for everyone and will be public. Astronaut Stanley is one such astronaut who did a spacewalk in which he was not trained. There were many questions which we can ask him.

When asked “What drew you to space and kept you there?” He replied, “Probably science-fiction. I watched “Star Trek” as a kid. “Star Wars” came out when I was 11 years old and I thought that was the bee’s knees. And I’ve always loved exploring. I’m originally from Oregon where we had woods behind my house. You could just sort of take off, wander around and explore. I’ve always been interested in the future, in space, and exploration, and just sort of bent my career that way and it’s turned out to be pretty cool.”

Next question was Can you describe the first time you were in space, looking down on Earth? He replied I can’t. It’s impossible to describe in words. It’s just amazing. The thing that surprised me the most after a lifetime of being interested in space and astronomy — you’ve seen all the amazing pictures of Saturn, and star-forming regions, and galaxies, and those beautiful glowing nebulas, and all those colours — was to look down on the Earth from above and realize that this is a lot cooler than that other stuff.

Next question was NASA’s job is to train you for everything. While you were in space, did you encounter any challenges you weren’t expecting? His answer was” Absolutely. When we got to space, we knew exactly what we were going to do. Then, one of my crewmates got sick and I had to go do his first spacewalk for him and I hadn’t trained for that.”

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