Orion Span has made the announcement at space 2.0 summit which was held in San Jose, California about the launch of the first luxury hotel in space by 2022. The space hotel is known as Aurora Station and Orion Span is hoping to launch this station in late 2021.

The space hotel guests will go on an excursion to space along with two crew members. This platform will be orbiting above 200 miles from Earth and will be slightly below the International Space Station. The excursion will offer six guests about 384 sunrises and sunsets and they will race around the planet for 12 days at incredibly high speeds.

When we think about this type of thing, we get a feeling that this is fiction not reality. In the age of SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin, the idea of a private company to launch an orbiting hotel seems unrealistic.

According to Frank Bunger who is the chief executive officer of Orion Span said that “ We want to get into space because it is the final frontier of our civilization.” He added by saying that the company is not selling a “ hey-let’s-go-to-the-beach but they are going to sell the experience of being an astronomer. You have to pay a significant amount of money to go on this excursion.

The 12-day journey starts from the amount of $9.5 million per person or about $791,666 per night. The Aurora Station is a 35-by-14-foot module. This volume is equivalent to Gulfstream G550 private as said by Bunger. The station can accommodate about 4 guests and 2 crew members. If you want to go on this excursion you have to pre-book this by depositing amount of $80,000 which is fully refundable and the payments for the same has been started since Thursday.




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