Warmer Soil can be a primary reason behind global warming; researchers said

While the world is still fighting with the global warming, now the scientists have revealed some valuable information regarding the increasing global warming. Earlier, during a study, it was found that soil release some carbon after a specific temperature. But the news study shows that it can release a significant amount of carbon when the soil temperature increases. The scientists also informed that this could accelerate the process of global warming.

Till now many studies have been done at the atmospheric levels to find out the components that help to stimulate the global warming process. Now the new findings have given a new source to it. The scientists conducted some research in Massachusetts hardwood forest for around 26 years. The scientists took some soil and heated it artificially and recorded the findings. They found that more heat helps to release more carbon.

The team of Marine Biological Laboratory headed by Jerry Melillo diced to examine three different forest plot. They installed some artificial heating cables under the soil and heated them 10 degrees more. In the second plot they also installed the heating cable but didn’t turn on those cables, and they didn’t installed any heating cables.

They found that the rise in temperature caused a crucial natural cycle having two stages. They observed that the carbon emission from the heated soil rose significantly for few years the process stopped. But after seven years the team fund noticed another increase in carbon and this was coming from the heated plots.

In their final study, they informed that the soil has the capability of self-reinforcing carbon after getting specific heats. They also said that the warmer soil could make the atmosphere warmers which can trigger the process of global warming.

Carbon is one of the significant elements of greenhouse gas, and it causes massive climate changes. So the world is now trying to slow down the carbon release process of various sources. As per the information, the soil of the entire world has around 3,400 billion metric tons carbon.  The microbial activity helps the soils to emit carbon to the air.

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