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People Caught Outside Without A Face Mask or Scarf In Laredo, Texas Will Be Fined $1000

Laredo officials imposed a charge of $1000 for not wearing a face mask in a public place.

Laredo, Texas, Coronavirus, COVID-19
Image Source: Miguel Gutierrez Jr./The Texas Tribune

Authorities and officials in the Texas city of Laredo on the US-Mexico border are imposing strict penalties on people going out without wearing a face mask in the charge of desperate to curb the spread of coronavirus.

All the residents and essential service providers have to wear a face mask while going out of their places. They are asked to cover their mouth and nose in public to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Failing to cover the face with a face mask or scarf will lead them to be fined with $1000. The rule came in effect from Thursday.

People over the age of five years are asked to cover their face with a homemade mask, scarf or bandanna while entering in the public places, public transport, taxis or rideshares. The city has already been imposed with a curfew between 10 PM – 5 AM except for essential outings.

Keeping the pandemic of coronavirus in concern the officials are taking stiff actions towards the safety of the citizens. A report published on Friday afternoon, confirms 73 cases of COVID-19 in the city with a population of 2,60,600 approx.



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