More sleep can reduce sugar and body weight: study says

A new study coming from the United Kingdom has suggested the easiest way which can help people to reduce sugar production inside the body and which can reduce their body weight. It will not cost a single penny. As per the new study, proper sleep can enhance diet and help to lose weight.

Without a proper sleep which is minimum 7 hours, one can feel tired and out of sorts the next day. Apart from this, it can also develop other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other obesity and cardiometabolic diseases, the researchers mentioned in the study.

The study has been published in the journal The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 8th January. The study shows that more than one-third of U.S. adults get 6 hours or less of sleep each night which is lower than the standard sleeping time. So, the researchers wanted to know how this is affecting the daily nutrition level of people.

For the study, the researchers selected 21 individuals and took them through a 45-minute sleep consultation program designed to extend their sleep time by up to 1.5 hours in the very night. On the other side, they also selected another 21 participants, but they did not get intervention in their sleep patterns, named that group as the control group.

Then the team asked all the participants to maintain a record of their sleep and dietary patterns for seven days. All the participants had a motion sensor on their wrists which kept a record of their sleeping hours and also record the amount of time they spent in bed before sleeping.

In the end, they got some unexpected outcomes. They found some significant changes in those participants who increased the amount of sleep. Their added sugar intake reduced by 10 grams the next day when the team compared the amount with the amount of sugar they consumed at the beginning of the test. They also found lower carbohydrate intake in this group.

The group has provided a chart which contained some suggestions to get better sleep. They were advised not to take caffeine, maintain a relaxing routine and not to go bed with too full and empty stomach. Around 86 percent of the participants who had 0received sleep consultation managed to increase their total time spent in bed, and 50 percent of the participants extended their sleep duration by 52 to 90 minutes every night.

Senior study author Wendy Hall, a senior lecturer in the Department of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London stated that the fact that extending sleep led to a reduction in intake of added sugars, that means the sugars that are added to foods by manufacturers can be reduced inside the body through a proper sleep and it also suggests that a simple change in lifestyle can help people to consume healthier diets.


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