Star Plus ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ 29th September 2016 Written Updates: Gopi Tries To Take Property Papers

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Vidya says she wants to talk to Shravan. He says tells me. Vidya tells that Naiya and Payal planned all these things. Naiya is over acting now. Shravan says I will talk to her. Urmila thinks if we do everything according to plan then Pramila will also believe that Ahem and Jaggi are two different persons. Jaggi says where are fruits.

Mansi becomes ready and thinks i will become so beautiful that Ahem will see only me. Pramila asks what is this Mansi. Mansi says you will not understand that i and Ahem will be together for ever. Mata chowki starts. Everyone sits there and sings songs. Urmila looks At Gopi. Mansi looks up. Jaggi also sits. Jaggi stands up and then Pramila asks him to sit and where is he going. He sits. Urmila worries.


Sahir signs Gopi. Sahir stands up. Mansi looks upwards. Pandit says jagrata is over. Gopi starts tape and puts mike on that. Then Tolu and Molu starts projector and it displays Ahem’s picture. Mansi goes to him. Pramila thinks Jaggi is here and how Ahem can be there. She faints. Mansi runs to him. Sahir closes the projector. Urmila says she has fainted

A lady says bring slipper then she will.come in senses. Mansi shouts Ahem and asks where are you. She thinks soul of Ahem went as Pramila came there. She becomes frustrated. Gopi asks Tolu to take up all things and remove projector from here. Urmila brings slipper and keeps it on nose of Pramila. Mansi shouts please Ahem.come back. Jaggi comes as Ahem. She becomes happy to see him.

Ahem says i said that you should keep Gopi and Pramila away from me. Ahem says this is my mistake and i should not have come. Mansi says please forgive. Ahem says i will come back soon. He disappears. Mansi cries. Shravan comes. Vidya says Naiya is creating problems in between Dharam and Meera. Pramila wakes up. Mansi shouts on Pramila and says you spoiled everything. Everyone listens them. Gopi says we are on last stage of our plan and she takes him.


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