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Recap: Skynet Statistics released by DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain published its thirty-first progress report in which they covered the period from November 11 to December 4. The report showed the work which the team did which has made towards development and the...
Sundar Pichai, Google, Artificial Intelligence

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Fear About AI

The Google CEO Sunder Pichai leads one of the world's biggest AI companies, confessed in an interview last week that he concerns about the harmful apps of the technology are very "legitimate" but on...
Quebec Humanoid Nao, Autism and Learning Difficulties, autism, learning difficulties, nao, humanoid

Quebec Humanoid Nao to help Students with Autism and Learning Difficulties

Nao is the cutest robot by far that even carried its very own news conference in Montreal on 3rd May. There it spoke about its achievements in assisting students dealing with autism spectrum disorder and those that...

AI could be the worst event in the history of human civilization: Stephen Hawking

The famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist Stephen Hawking has once again warned the world about the ill-effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), if not utilized properly. Hawking appeared on-stage at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal on...

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