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Matthew Sullivan, Ohio State University, virus, thermocycler, atmosphere

Recent Studies Shows That Our Oceans Have 12 times More Viruses Than Known

The oceans around the world have numerous species of viruses and other living organisms. According to the data, there are 200,000 species of viruses in the oceans but the number has increased by 12...
Carbon Dioxide, Global Warming, carbon emission, atmosphere, greenhouse gases, climate change

In 800000 years, Carbon Dioxide reached it’s Highest level: accelerating Global Warming

The most responsible gas for global warming, Carbon dioxide, reached its highest level the past month, at 410 parts per million for the first time in our history. On Wednesday, researchers from the University of California...

Eroding mountains releases CO2 into the atmosphere

In an astonishing finding, Scientists said that the eroding mountains can add carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Scientists have previously believed that the steep mountains draw the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere....

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