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U.S., Mexico, New York, Hawaii

U.S. States Are Not Waiting For Trump’s Approval On Environmental Protection Measures

As we all know that the states have come to a pact to fight the rising environmental crises from water pollution to climate change. States like Hawaii, New York, and California have banned the...
U.S., NASA, Moon, Pence

The U.S. vice president Pence Challenges NASA To Explore The Space Again

The U.S. vice president Pence has given a challenge to NASA to send astronauts to the south pole of the moon by 2024 to explore the space again, at the  National Space Council meeting. The...
Recycling, China, U.S.

Recycling Made Tough After China And India Denies To Accept Plastic

When plastic was invented then it was considered a bane as it reduced costs and was used in almost everything. But later on, when the problems arose when we came to know that it...

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