Tampa Police arrested the man for four murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood

Tampa police arrested the prime suspect for four suspicious murders.

Tampa Police

The official report from Tampa police said Tuesday that they had arrested a 24-year-old man who would be charged for the four shooting deaths in the Seminole Heights neighborhood which spread the fear of the presence of a serial killer in the area.

The 24-year-old man is Howell Emanuel Donaldson III; the man didn’t cause any robbery with the died victims, now he will be charged with four counts of the first degree in the murder of four. The four victims were Benjamin Edward Mitchell, Monica Caridad Hoffa, Anthony Naiboa and Ronald Felton as said by Tampa Police chief Brain Dugan in a press conference.

Tampa Murder Victims

As according to CBS affiliate WTSP reports, Donaldson was taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon from McDonald’s when he handed the gun to a manager over there who later reached to the officials present there.

Tampa Police chief Brian Dugan said, “When I think I found out there was a gun, and when we looked at his description, it was a little more than what we had.” Also “It just felt right. I kinda had a feeling that we were going to get a break.” he added.

Investigators are finding the actual connection of Donaldson’s with the neighborhood, as said by Dugan. “We’re not sure why he was in this neighborhood,” “We’re not aware what he ties are, and we don’t know what his motive is. But there is a lot more to go.” Dugan added these words in the press conference.

It was October 9th when the first out of the four shootouts occurred in the Seminole Heights neighborhood. Police said the shooting happened within proximity to one another and were not linked to any robbery which indicates that the suspect is a serial killer.

After the first murder police increased patrolling over that area and also released a CCTV recording showing a hooded suspect in the murder.

During the first shooting, Dugan said “I’ve come up with four reasons why this person is running,” he added “One, they may be late for dinner. Two, they’re out exercising. Three, they heard gunshots. And number four, they just murdered Benjamin Mitchell.”

Just after two days when the first shootout happened, Monica Hoffa (32-year-old) and after that on October 19, Anthony Naiboa (20-year-old) was shot dead when he took the wrong bus for home after returning from his new job.

Later on November 14, the fourth murder happened, and that was of a 60-year-old Ronald Felton. Police said he was walking along the road when the gunman shot him from the back.


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