Tashan-e-ishq 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Kunj Pours Kerosene On Himself


In the last episode Usha was lying in her bed and doctor checked her. Kunj came there. Pallavi said that when Usha got to know that Kunj were going to meet Twinkle then she ate sleeping pills. Kunj asked Usha to wake up. She opened her eyes. Kunj asked Usha what the need to do it. Usha said him that till Kunj with her then nothing happen to her. But if Kunj got to Twinkle then he will se her dead face. Usha said him to choose between her and Twinkle.


Babee said to Usha that she is being childish. She said that Twinkle and Kunk are made for each other and if death could not separate them then who are they. Usha said that she wont let Twinkle to destroy her Kunj’s life and she would never accept her as her daughter in law. Usha said to Kunj that she want Kunj to marry Pallavi. She said to Pallavi that she will make her get her destination. Yuvi came there with Twinkle. He said to Kunj that he is done with this fighting and asked him to tell them his final decision. Kunj came to Twinkle and said her I love You Twinkle. He Said that he love his mother a lot too and he can’t ignore her happiness.

Kunj said to Twinkle that they wont be happy without blessing of family. He said that from now their paths are different. Kunj took Usha from there. At night, Kunj looked his and Twinkle’s wedding picture. Twinkle also looked at their picture in her room. Usha gifted gold jewelry to Pallavi. In the next morning, sarna family came to Guradvarah. Babee felt bad for Kunj. Kunj and Leela came to Guradvarah. Twinkle left from Guradvarah and walk on road. Twinkle started walking on burning coals.

In today’s episode Kunj says when his mom is not happy with his decision then fine and he pours kerosene on himself. Usha asked Kunj to stop. Kunj says that its to die instead of choosing between his mother and his love.


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