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U.S. Surpassed 1000 Death Cases In Coronavirus Pandemic

U.S. Death Toll Crosses 1000 Cases On Early Thursday, The Senat Confirms a $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

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The death toll in the United States has crossed a mark of 1000 on Wednesday night amid Coronavirus Pandemic. The virus continues to spread across the country or the world with an aggressive rate putting a large number of lives in danger.

It was February 29, when the first death was reported in America, the death rate hiked in the past two weeks and entered into four figures. Extreme precautions like sanitization, nationwide lockdown, etc have already been taken by the public health authorities and the government. The current week turned out to be the most devastating one when the death count was recorded as 600 on Tuesday, 900 on early Wednesday and more than a thousand (1050 approx.) on early Thursday.

The entire U.S. is under the lockdown to follow the stay-at-home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s not just America, going through thousands of deaths in coronavirus pandemic, other countries like China, Spain, India, Italy, and others are also running through the worst case of this invasive spread of the virus.

On Wednesday, the worldwide death count surpassed 21,000 while Italy is struggling the most in this pandemic.

The Senate reaches a deal of $2 trillion stimulus package on Wednesday which includes $150 billion for hospitals and medical centers to handle the surging caseloads. The Governors and the local government are playing a major role during the virus crises and the Trump administration has left the majority of decisions to them.

President Donald Trump has recently promised in a press conference that the country will be open for business soon. And confirmed that his administration will continue to work with democrats and republicans to reach on an urgent relief bill for the millions of American workers and small businesses.



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