Yuvraaj and Suhani Try To Find Real Dadi! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th August 2016 Episode

The show starts and we see yuvraaj thinks about that pic chart and then dadi comes and asks him what is he doing there. Then he says that he came to apologize her but it would be better if she tells him truth instead of sambhav, she says sorry and he leaves.

There sambhav says to suhani that he has no place in her life now and suhaani asks him not to pressurize her to give explanation . Then yuvraaj comes to her and says sorry for not believing her and shows the pic cahrt found from dadi’s room. They get shocked and say that dadi is lying about todka and he asks her not to tell this to sambhav till truth comes out.

suhani si ek ladki

There real dadi sees the goons going out and she gets down the car and starts running. The goons come back and sees opened door and runs to find her and informs fake dadi about her. She scolds them and asks to find her soon. Dadi si in hurry and bhavan comes to her with coconut water but she says her friend needs her and leaves. Yuvraaj and bhavna both sees and get tensed.

Suhani and kids talks to each other and they ask her for going to shopping and she agrees, pratima suggests to keep a party. Yuvraaj messages her but she doesn’t see and he tells her to check her phone, she reads his message saying that dadi left in hurry and something is wrong. Suhani asks kids to go for shopping later as she wants to walk now. She comes to yuvraaj and they leave.

There in jungle real dadi runs and sees yuvraaj and suhani standing far and she is about to shout but goons come and shuts her mouth, and takes her away. She shouts yuvraaj… and suhani hears the sound and asks yuvraaj to follow it, they go inside but don’t find anything. Yuvraaj sees phone as pratima is calling and suhani says that she got worried as she couldn’t find her. Then she holds his hand and saware plays….

At home pratima asks averyone that where is suhani and she left her phone at home and yuvraaj is also not answering, aren’t they in any problem? Everyone says they don’t know about them. Fake dadi reaches to real dadi and goons ties her with a tree. She scolds her and cuts her har, she cries and shouts.

Yuvraaj picks her call and says that suhaani is with him, he took her to hospital as she fainted while walking and pratima thanks god. She asks him to come home with her soon. Yuvraaj tells her that he will make her do shopping and suhani shouts yuvraaj seeing dadi fallen on road. They both run to her and wakes her up.

They ask her and she says that she came to her friends guest house but goons robbed money and made her fall here but how they are here? They say they were worried about her so they followed her, suhani thinks that dadi is lying again. In next show we will see yuvraaj and sambhav go ahead to break dahi handi and yuvaan wishes sambhav all the best


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